Miss September | Keeley

CliffeFC.com – Miss September - Keeley

Model: Keeley
  • Fruitbat is back

    is this cliffe fc .. or are you kartiers in disguise

  • Keels Wilson


  • Tippy

    Pimply girls taken on phone cameras in bowling green changing rooms? Do Maserati make fiestas? No. Different class.

  • Keels Wilson

    If ur just guna insult me then keep ur opionions to yourself. Add me on facebook, i aint no pimply teenager who takes pictures in a toilet. Thanks

  • Tippy

    I think you’ve misunderstood! The, vague but thinly vailed, insults were aimed at a former rival club. Certainly not you!

    I was stating that we, and you by association, are too classy to be compared to their efforts!


YMEL – Division One 2016/17

YMEL – Reserve C 2016/17

YMSL – Division One 2016/17