Meet Cliffe FC

About the people behind the scenes at Cliffe FC

Keith Tiplady
First Team Manager & Founder Member

Keith Tiplady has a long history in the world of amateur football with a playing career stretching back over 20 years.
Keith orchestrated Cliffe FC’s creation and does the job of both been the Club Secretary and is also the First Team manager.
Whilst striving to put out a winning Cliffe FC team, Keith works very hard on behalf of Cliffe away from the football recruiting highly qualified coaches, great players and working to develop Cliffe FC’s facilities and the club as a whole.

Quite simply without Keith, Cliffe FC simply wouldn’t exist…

Malcolm Bryce
Media and Club Secretary

Malcolm Bryce’s role is to be Cliffe FC’s very own PR team and does so by producing every match report, taking every photo and even video!
Malcolm has also had Cliffe FC featured live on Viking FM as “Team of the Week” which featured a live radio interview.
Malcolm also believes in the ambition and vision that Keith Tiplady has for the club.
Whilst his name is actually Malcolm Bryce he is known to most at Cliffe FC as just simply “Bruce” – don’t ask why, its just the way it is!

…to be updated for 2010/2011 season…